TV/broadband - Vejle

Ewii is the provider for TV and internet in Lifa buildings in Vejle.

Ewii delivers a wide range of internet- and TV products.

A mandatory fee will be charged from Lifa every month. Ewii will deduct this fee from their bills.

TV – Kolding, Esbjerg, Holstebro

Lifa has no administrative role relative to the provision of TV signals to our tenants in Kolding, Esbjerg, Holstebro and Skive. It’s up to tenants to contact the signal provider, arrange for the services they require to be provided and to make payments directly to the signal provider.

Tenants in Kolding can select the services they require from: Antenneforeningen i Kolding

Tenants in Esbjerg are free to choose their own TV signal provider. Links: YouSee, Stofa

Tenants in Holstebro can select the services they require from YouSee